Author: Ad1nkray09a

More Ways to Be Well

Wellbeing is pretty simple. It’s the experience of feeling healthy, happy and safe. But in a world where many of us barely feel one of those things at a time, let alone all three in conjunction, the quest for wellbeing has created a $4.2trillion industry.

There are huge benefits to our increasing interest in looking after our wellbeing. Health and specialist foods are more readily available than ever before and companies are innovating in order to help us be well; we can now seek treatment from therapists without leaving our homes, exercise with top trainers through live video, learn to meditate with an app and have healthy ingredients delivered to our door complete with recipe and cooking instructions.

But as the wellness space becomes more and more commodified, it leaves people behind – in more ways than one. The dangers of making wellness elite by putting huge price tabs on things like boutique gyms, yoga studios, even the humble smoothie, to name a few, are obvious. Important, but already well understood. And cost isn’t the only barrier to making wellness more accessible. Diversity in the space is also often discussed – but we don’t only need to make the image of wellness more diverse. We also need more diverse wellness practices in the mainstream.

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